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a new hotel template wurde erstellt von Ferriero

Could you create a tamplate for hotels that have a fixed position above the header image?

This position would be useful to enter the code or module.

Below is a type code that I could enter for a booking form.


    WuBook Javascript Library
    Eventually, put it inside
    your <head/> tag
<script src="https://wubook.net/js/wblib.jgz"></script>
     put the following div where WuBook 
     should be designed. Make sure to
     preserve the div contents (backlink)
<div id="_baror_" >
  <a href="http://wubook.net/services/channel-manager/" style="display: block; margin-top: 5px; text-decoration:none;border:none;" target="_blank">
    <img src="https://wubook.net/imgs/default/booking_by_wu.gif" alt="Wubook sistema di prenotazioni online" title="Soluzioni per la gestione Hotel" style="border:none;text-decoration:none;" />
     Initialize the WuBook Object.
     Collect params settings.
     Call WuBook.design_bwidget().

     Notice WuBook Object provides a
     lot of interesting features.
  var WuBook= new _WuBook(1530169975);
  var wbparams= {
    textcolorpk: '#988454',
    fixedPosition: 0,
    ditextcolor: '#ffffff',
    textcolorbb: '#ffffff',
    plusperc: 5,
    listtypebb: '#ffffff',
    buttoncoloras: '#1c375b',
    iconcoloras: '#ffffff',
    rpkgs: '',
    avgcolor: '#988454',
    labelcoloras: '#ffffff',
    barbackground: 'rgb(0, 0, 0)',
    default_nights: 1,
    textcolorcalendarbe: '#988454',
    bordercolor: '#988454',
    blocks: 'be,as,fe,bb',
    failback_lang: 'en',
    hdcode: '',
    textcolorbuttonbe: '#ffffff',
    avgtextcolor: '#ffffff',
    diinputcolor: '#ffffff',
    lang: '',
    buttoncolorbe: '#1c375b',
    dibuttoncolor: '#008000',
    wbgoogle: 1,
    bgblocks: '#000000',
    cmsgs: 'MSwyLDM=',
    textcolornightspk: '#ffffff',
    adchi: 1
  WuBook.design_bwidget("_baror_", wbparams);
    that's all :)
    Thank you for using WuBook!
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